Other Freelance

Licensed Character Art is the core of my business, but I like to accept commissions outside of it. Here are a few examples.

Book illustration

Preliminary concepts for a title that was eventually cancelled. Well, it happens, but I still like these pieces. (2010)

Bear inks

I honestly don't remember what these were for, hence the title! The characters weren't my own, I was supplying the inks, but they're included here to show more variety in my work. Client: Paul Windle Design (2002)

Logo design

For a GCSE revision board game, circa 2005.


Thinking outside of the box - three IDs designed for Rob Rudd Associates. (2010)

Newspaper strip cartoon

Occasionally you get a very different brief. Doodlebug Design asked me to design a character for an American newspaper cartoon strip that, unusually, had a script but no artist. I'm not sure if it ever got off the ground, but it was refreshing to have more creative control than usual and draw in a different style. (2003)