Private Work

Strangely enough, I rarely paint for myself - I'm always too busy creating art for other people! The closest I've come to it over the years are these pieces done as gifts for members of my family. I loved doing them all, and was able to really lose myself in each piece, the true pleasure of art creation.

'The Milkmaid' - A study (2001)

I started my occasional forays into oil with this study of Vermeer's iconic painting. I purposely made changes to some of the elements to make it my own, the size of the bowl, the shape of the chink in the glass and the maid's face. All so as no one would think I was attempting a forgery! As if....

A great learning curve in every way. Oil on canvas.

'Fox Hill, Upper Norwood' - A study (2005)

A spot of impressionism. A study of a painting by Camille Pissarro during his time in London around 1870. This street looks very different now, with a lot more trees for one thing! Oil on canvas.

'Tiger Fire' - A study (2013)

Oil on canvas. A study of the stunning painting by David Shepherd. David's original is a wide canvas showing the whole animal, I chose this section as I only had a canvas this size! This is a daub by comparison to the incredible original, but it maintains the action and drama, and of all the pieces I've created in my life so far, this gives me the most pleasure whenever I see it.