The Walt Disney Company

Winnie The Pooh

I've specialised in Winnie The Pooh for Walt Disney since 1998 and for many years he was the core of my business. Unfortunately, global demand for the bear has fallen over the last couple of years, so I hardly do anything with him now.  The painting below is actually a private piece but it's a nice example of what I used to spend a lot of my time doing. (2011)

A pencil for an activity spread - Winnie The Pooh Magazine (2014)

Interpretive style

This was a test piece for Disney Publishing Worldwide, finding a look for a new Winnie-The-Pooh project. They didn't go for it in the end, but I like it, it's different, so it's here! (2017)

Classic Pooh

From 2002 to 2009 I was lucky enough to be principal artist on new publications using the original style. It proved to be one of the steepest learning curves of my career but a real honour as, like millions of others, I grew up loving the original. 

I always attempt to emulate E.H. Shepard's own pencil style when working on Classic Pooh. It really helps with the final look and feel of each piece. (2012)

The above was for Penguin in the U.S. They produced a range of Classic Pooh books for young readers. The colour had to be bright and clean so I chose to create the illustrations in a digital environment. Digital inks and 'watercolour'. (2010)

Standard Characters

Disney refer to Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Pluto, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, and Goofy as their 'Standard Characters'. They are the backbone of the brand and the first ones you learn to draw when you become a Disney character artist. I know several artists for whom the Standards are their life, but my career didn't take me that way. Fortunately, I do occasionally get a job that allows me to keep my hand in! Here are Mickey Mouse and Goofy, pencils and final inks. (2004)

'Impressionist' Mickey & Minnie

One of the last things I did for Character Magic Ltd. Commissioned by Royal Doulton, this was part of a series of images for collectable crockery. (1997)

Disney Classics

Background art. Airbrush, acrylic, gouache, and watercolour; circa 1996.

Disney's Princess Magazine

From the days when it was all hand painted. Mixed media: Acrylic, airbrush, gouache; circa 1997.

Brother Bear

Three pieces from a big storybook inspired by the movie. I painted the final colour from pencils by Alan Batson (a superb Disney artist). (2003)

Lion King

I've pencilled characters for two Lion King books now. Ironically, though I started my Disney career just before the film's release, I didn't get to work on anything supporting it at the time. It was 18 years before it came into my life again, and that's a bit of a shame as I've discovered the lions are really satisfying to draw. Great character design. Here's one example.

Elena of Avalor

One of a series of pencils for the colouring book accompanying the series.

Sofia the First

I do a lot of work as a Penciller. Thanks to Character Building Studio, I've contributed to many titles for this Disney TV Animation property. The background art is created using the actual 3D models from the animated TV series. This is why the background in the pencil is cursory, simply as a guide. It's a real boon as pencilling the characters can take a while! I've included two pieces here. The second spread shows the colour stage with the 3D background shot in place. An interesting effect. (2013)